NASA’s Ingenuity Helicopter Ready for Its 10th Flight on Mars

NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter is all set to make its tenth flight on Mars and officials said that it could happen on July 24. Ingenuity, which arrived on the Red Planet … Read More

NASA’s Ingenuity Went on a Wild Ride During Its 6th Flight — Find Out Why

NASA’s Mars helicopter Ingenuity faced a navigation timing error during its sixth flight and went on a wild, lurching ride. This was its first major problem since it took to … Read More

NASA Mars Helicopter Ingenuity Prepares for Sixth Flight Next Week

NASA has announced that plans for its Ingenuity Mars helicopter to make its sixth flight on the Red Planet next week are underway. This comes two weeks after the helicopter … Read More

NASA Prepares Ingenuity Helicopter for Historic Mars Flight

NASA’s Ingenuity Mars Helicopter will attempt its first flight on the Red Planet on Monday. The space agency had originally planned the flight for April 11 but postponed it over … Read More

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